European Students For Liberty

Students For Liberty in Europe

The biggest students pro-liberty organization

Liberty does not have borders. As cheaper travel and communication continues to connect people around the world, it becomes increasingly important to connect pro-liberty students on a global scale.

European Students For Liberty exists to provide support for pro-liberty students and student groups in Europe and empower the next generation of leaders in the global liberty movement.

ESFL supports pro-liberty student groups by helping to provide resources, advising students on effective leadership strategies, and connecting students from across Europe with both like-minded peers and important leaders and organizations in the pro-liberty movement.

It is constantly becoming clearer that this generation of students is inheriting an uncertain world, in which the insecure foundations of our unsustainable, intrusive institutions are being exposed and, in some cases, threatening to collapse. This generation needs a new direction and students are increasingly recognising that social, economic, and academic freedom is essential for creating a secure society.

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